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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

^ Pennington is described as being a Scotsman, so I think McGregor would have the accent he used in Trainspotting.

As for the casting of Amy Acker as T'Prynn, I flirted with the notion myself for a while, but in the end I came back to Bridget Moynahan because I felt that Moynahan conveyed the statuesque and commanding nature of the character better than did Acker, whose much slighter build and less angular features, to me, are less in line with the concept of the character. T'Prynn doesn't have that "frail" waifish look -- she has more of an athlete's bearing, in addition to dark, striking beauty. Also, in terms of the voice, Bridget Moynahan was again a closer match for the timbre I imagined T'Prynn would have.
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