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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Target was already sold out at 9:30. I drove over to Best Buy, and they had one copy of each.

Season 4 rang up as 69.99, but they matched it to Amazon's price.

I really should just go Amazon from now on. Retailers just don't care unless it's an A++ title.... like GI Joe Retaliation.
I remember running into the same lack of availability problem when I got season 2 at Best Buy. (Managed to get S3 and 4 at Target with the promo deals)

Is this not the big deal we think it is? A major restoration and enhancement of a significant, popular work, on bluray for the first time - the lack of stores having it available to buy makes it seem like it isn't. I of course would beg to differ.

Buying physical media just ain't easy anymore.
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