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Re: The Return Of Odo. For how long?

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It still amazes me that we never actually saw that conversation happen. Surely that would have been a defining moment in Julian Bashir's life - the having of that conversation - worth a whole book in itself. That we only hear about it after the fact, once the conversation has already happened off-screen, is mind-boggling to me.
I hardly think it would have been worth its own book.

I would have preferred to see the conversation, too, but I don't think it was a "mind-boggling" creative decision to deal with its consequences without directly showing it. Especially since DRGIII has said in Treklit podcasts that DSN novels have lately been folded into larger miniseries like Typhon Pact because they've been struggling sales-wise. If you only get a few books every year or so, then that kind of economy of storytelling becomes important.
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