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Re: George Lucas - Why the Vitriol?

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Where I disagree strongly with Lucas is his decision not to preserve, exhibit or release in a commercially viable home video format the first three Star Wars pictures in their original form. It is detrimental to the history of cinema and I simply can't fathom the motivation behind it.
This is my problem with Lucas also. I feel no hate or vitriol toward the man, but I do strongly disagree with his wish to erase any previous version of the OT once a new change has been made.

It's like he doesn't understand that there's money to be made in a giant DVD set of every version of the OT. Hell, just look at the 2007 releases of the three versions of Close Encounters, or that "suitcase" release of all five versions of Blade Runner. I'm happy to have those in my collection.

Ditto that three disk ET set.
Forget "every" version of the OT.. just release the Original Trilogy in the best quality possible with todays remastering technology and i guarantee you it will be the best selling Blu Ray box of all time breaking all kinds of records.

I can also safely say that i will pre-order that sucker no matter what it may cost.

While we're at that topic.. does Disney now own the full rights to the whole Star Wars universe meaning that may happen at some point? I know Lucas is hardcore against it because for some reason he feels they are bad (disregarding the fact that people who grew up with these movies don't care about outdated special effects and filming mistakes.. to them it's part of their childhood including mine) but can Disney release them? If so i'm pretty sure they will because they will do the simple math and come to the conclusion that there's a huge money explosion to be made with that set.
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