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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Ah yes, thank you, David. I was trying to find that on your site yesterday and I couldn't locate it.

I would agree with most of the choices, however, I don't see Tommy Lee Jones as Reyes. For some odd reason, I was inclined to stick Clive Owen's head on the character and it's worked out pretty well for me. I guess that's what I get for reading it first and forming my own opinions before getting to your annotations, huh? It's pretty cool that I had Pennington nailed with Ewan McGregor. And even though I had different actresses picked out, I think Monica Belluci as Oriana and Bridget Moynahan as T'Prynn work out perfectly. (Incidentally, I had Morena Baccarin as Oriana and a Jolene Blaylock clone for T'Prynn.

Just curious, who did you think of as the voice for Jetanien? I keep hearing Christopher Lee underneath all that "makeup"...
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