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Re: What do we know about the years between ST5 and ST6?

I've always found this interesting. IIRC the events of Star Trek V occurred in 2287, with VI coming in 2293. A pretty significant gap.
Might be longer still - ST5:TFF seems to occur mere weeks after the ending of ST4:TVH, and ST2 through ST4 appear to only cover a few months of action. The earliest plausible date for the ST2-ST4 thing is 2284... Although we could argue that there was a year or more between the main body of ST4 and the final scene of ST4.

Despite that, we're not really presented with the idea that the E-A is just a pale imitation of the original by ST6. Did the EA have a time to build its own legacy?
Well, Starfleet might have dug up the ship (and Kirk!) from deep mothballs for this specific mission of insulting the Klingons with the Nixon-in-China thing.

We don't know how many of our original heroes have been active with the new ship, but Spock seems sincere about wanting to pass his legacy to Valeris. He probably wouldn't be doing and saying all those things if he and Starfleet were only intermittently dusting off the starship and performing a milk run or two.

you have crewmen sleeping in bunk beds which suggests there were a lot of people on board
Would this be any different from how things were previously? The camera never slummed in the quarters of mere crew; the lowest-ranking accommodations we visited were those of Ensign Garrovic in "Obsession".

But then again the Excelsior is the most advanced ship they have and it's off on a survey mission forever far away from Starfleet.
..."Cataloging gaseous anomalies" right next to the Klingon Empire! Might be the most militaristic mission Starfleet has ever undertaken, perhaps comparable to Curtis LeMay's attempts at starting WWIII with massive "recce" flights into Soviet airspace in the fifties.

The novelization of ST6 mentions major Klingon provocations in the preceding years, largely as an excuse for Kirk being so disgusted with them after the apparent detente of ST5. Whether such a thing would in any way differ from the average UFP/KE relations in the seven decades of hostility Spock speaks of, we don't know.

The really interesting thing is how Romulans now have ambassadors all over the place, including in secret top level UFP military meetings. Did the UFP go for the apparent "enemy of my enemy" alliance because the Klingons became worse than ever before - or because the Romulans played it nice?

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