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Re: STID and the Eugenics Wars books

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Spock's comment that Khan's goals included "the extermination of anyone not considered superior" (or words to that effect) sounded to me like it could be a reference to Khan's last-ditch plan to use his mother's modified strep-A to eradicate all non-augmented humans on Earth in Eugenics Wars, volume 2. That said, the rest can't fit.
What elements from the novels in particular do you reckon are contradicted by the movie?
That he was a Sikh or from Northern India primarily.
Khan's blood obviously never comes up in the EW books or SS/WoK. Also Admiral Marcus' claim that Khan and crew were condemned to death as war criminals doesn't quite mesh with what happened in the second book, but I guess the UN could have tried Khan and co. in absentia after his escape.

I'm not condemning the books as "wrong", just a different take on Khan's origin to what the Into Darkness writers (at least one of which, Roberto Orci, has read Greg's EW novels) envisioned.
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