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This is why I support SLS. Even the Musk/Tito flyby mission will be cramped, not unlike the plan the Russians have to go to the Moon:

Different versions:

NEP, the Bekuo


I'm a Nuclear Thermal guy myself--I like that better, and dates back farther

The war is on: NEP vs NTR

Sad to see little camps fight.

civilian vs military
public vs private
winged vs ballistic
solid vs liquid
pressure-fed vs pump-fed
manned vs robotic
solar vs nuclear
Moon vs Mars

Can't we all just get along?
In any large camp like the supporters of space exploration, you will always have factions that don't agree on what should happen next. I could see three Elon Musk types, one of them funds the creation of a manned, scientific Moon base, another funds a permanent settlement on Mars, and a third funds a robotic asteroid mining operation. They might not "get along" as in agreeing about what should be done, but they acknowledge that space is big enough for multiple players and different priorities.
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