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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

Okay--I'm almost caught up. One more episode to go.

Damn if Bullet's death wasn't heartbreaking. Awful, just awful. Poor Holder--he really fell apart. He's going to be carrying around the guilt of not answering her calls for quite a while.

Maybe it was just me but I never really suspected Pastor Mike. Though, for an innocent guy, he sure did take the wrong approach to trying to protest his innocence. Did he really think kidnapping a cop was a better route than going into the station and telling them what happened in Tempe?

Callie is still missing. I kind of suspect Joe's mom--I wonder if she killed the girls with him. She was super shady.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think about Seward. His prison "buddy" who has been trying to talk him into committing suicide is super scary, though. I still could have done without the prison guard drama--do not care at all--and most of the prison scenes. The creepy suicide whisperer was the first interesting thing in that prison IMO. The rest of it--surly guards, freaked out death row inmates, etc.--is all things we've seen before.

I'm going to watch the next ep soon so that I'll finally be caught up!
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