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Re: George Lucas - Why the Vitriol?

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Check out a movie called The People vs George Lucas. It brings up some interesting points about how he views the Star Wars movies in contrast to how fans view them.
Also, the Half In the Bag review of Red Tails..
And also the (nearly hour-long) Half in the Bag interview/discussion with the director of The People vs. George Lucas. Bottom line is, apart from the PT sucking bantha poodoo, fans want legitimate, restored but not tinkered with home releases of the OT. And they don't much like being blatantantly lied to ("Greedo was always supposed to shoot Han" being only the most infamous example).

Speaking in my experienced, expert capacity as one who has inadvertently personally confused and annoyed the Flanneled One, I don't bear the guy any ill will. That said, he does come off as a pretty prissy twerp when he moans about how everyone should respect his repeated screwing with the OT on one hand as a matter of artistic integrity, while simultaneously liscencing the crap out of the franchise to all sorts of stupid merchandise, from Darth Vader Mr. Potato Heads to crossover Transformers toys. A series of heartfelt personal visual poems or a money-grubbing empire of cheap plastic crap: pick one, dude.
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