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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Thanks. I can't make out any people, but that is a bad-ass picture!
Take a look at the main viewscreen/window (not the outer cladding, the darker area within that if you look closely) at the bottom of the central dome of the saucer, that is about 8ft high which should give you some idea of how big the NuEnterprise is.
That suffers from "two model syndrome." There are 2 versions of the model for the bridge detail. The window on that version is too short to match the actually viewscreen window on set. There's a second version of the bridge that matches the dimensions properly.
Yeah I know Gerbil, it was just to give an example of scale to talfe'anhar above me, wasn't trying to be exact and as we know that picture was from the trailer for the first film and the design has changed since then.
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