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Re: The Computers of Star Trek

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Many times in TOS the audience sees textual data displayed on a computer screen that is actually the image of a typewritten pageŚwith penned underlining, as seen in "Where No Man Has Gone Before."
Well, actually, they could have been looking at scanned copies of the relevant documents, rather than simple computer data text. The original docs, stored back on Earth, could very well have had hand annotations. Scanning buckets of papers is so much faster than transcribing and someone will always miss some scrawled notes. Actually, Kirk and Spock looking over Mitchell and Dehner's records can be seen as one sequence that isn't dated. It is at least in line with what we do nearly 50 years after the episode was shot.

"Hey, won't we be a paperless society by Star Trek's time?" Not of attorney's have anything to do with it.

I love 60's tech and how blinking lights tell them everything the plot requires.
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