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Re:'s "Finale" poll

I find it difficult to compare these, because each attempts to achieve something different as a series finale. TI is just the last episode, so achieves nothing as a finale. ST VI is a decent goodbye to the cast, suggesting the separate directions that they will go in while giving them one last adventure. AGT bookends TNG as a series while suggesting that there are further adventures to be had. WYLB wraps up all DS9's complex stories and gives new directions to all the character. It's thrilling, but also it's exhausting to watch. Endgame seems content to bring the narrative to a conclusion with one fantastic adventure, one that is almost unbelievable (in context) but has big fireworks. It's not much of a goodbye, and we can imagine Harry Kim being an ensign until his death. TATV is more of a franchise finale than a series finale. However, I think it commits the St. Elsewhere faux-pas: it's not a dream, but still, Enterprise has been reduced to a work of the imagination.
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