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Re: The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide

dansigal wrote: View Post
This is super impressive and a lot of fun. I am particularly impressed with the post-Nemesis timeline done on a basically chapter by chapter basis. One thing I'd love to see would be a post-Nemesis suggested reading order, because its hard to take a reading order away from that list.
Yeah, now that you mention it that would be a good idea. I think that was my original intent, but it got lost in the idea of getting really detailed. I will add that to my list of future improvements. Thanks for the idea and the kind words.

Thrawn wrote: View Post
Wow, this is fantastic! The more resources we have like this, the better, I think. I really like how you differentiate between the more important books and the side stories, and specifically point out where to jump on.
Yeah I think those are the strong points of the format.

I think emphasizing chronological order of different parts of stories over a reading order of entire works might be a bit confusing; I agree that a suggested reading order, or something like VotI did where it listed the "core work" where most of it fell chronologically and then gave little parenthetical notations for different parts of the books, might be a good addition. But still, I just spent like a half an hour playing with all the lists... great fun.
I'm glad you like it, Thrawn. Your ASTLROFC is awesome work so I value your opinion alot.

The one thing your site doesn't do is give a good indication of how the series connect to each other... but that's what the timeline I started and 8of5 expanded is for anyway.

Great work
Yes I think the two works compliment each other well. I have a link to 8of5's site and I should probably put one specifically to that page as well.

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