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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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The one thing in the med lab that bugged me for a long time was the table below the console. I presume you found some good screenshots to determine its actual shape?

I did not. Even Matt Jefferies cardboard Stage 9 mock-up had an incorrect representation of the table (it appears inverted). I had to make a "best guess" and use the aid of checking against different angles from different screen caps to get an estimate.

My hunch is that Jefferies' Stage 9 diorama was basically a doll house--and the furnishings could be moved around a bit. It looks like that little underlying table top beneath that rear console in the lab had been pulled out and simply put back in "backwards" with the narrow end on the right, instead of with the narrow end on the left. (If the little doll house model had a desk that could be "flip-around-able," perhaps the actual table on the set was equally "flip-around-able" as needed.)

Also, for what it's worth, that back table had a small extension (I guess it's called "a return") over at the door end when it first appeared in "Operation Annihilate!" (The portable electron microscope is sitting on it.) Maybe that extension was removable, too.)

In fact, with that odd lttle angle that McCoy is sitting at, it looks like the two tables--the one under the console and the freestanding one--were not only flip-around-able, but were also interchangeable. The "return" seen in the background shows up on the freestanding table in later episodes--way over at the other end. At the funny litle diagonal that McCoy is sitting at, shows up on that back table.

So it looks like the tables could be interchanged and flipped as needed for the shot.
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