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Re: Best Audio Book?

Finished Doctor and The Pirates - I enjoyed the Musical Portion, and Evelyn's trauma juxtaposed with Sally's (Though did we ever get a clear answer how Sally was responsible for her boyfriend's death? I got the impression is was a car crash, but, don't recall it being actually stated, nor it being stated how it happened). The first two episodes, though, were pretty frustrating, waiting for something to happen, and I don't believe that frustration adds to the overall enjoyment, I would've preferred that had been handled differently. But the second disk does make up for it, and overall it's enjoyable (Could've been more enjoyable if not for the frustration in the first two episodes)

Finished Project:Lazarus - I loved the fact that it was a sequel to Project:Twilight, and Evelyn's secret was well done, and the additional trauma from Cassie really amped things up. Overall I enjoyed it, but, wish there was a smoother transition bringing in McCoy's Doctor or a little something more with Six and Evelyn before the end of it

Just started Arrangements for War - I'm glad to see they ramping up Evelyn's trauma, and not just sweeping it under the carpet. Anxious to see where this one goes.
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