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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Just a quick update as a result of the preliminary work for Deck 8.

The Herbarium from "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" should go to the center of Deck 5 assuming it is still connected to the "Life Sciences Department Botanical Section" featured in "The Man Trap".
Simply put the "back door" leads straight to the rectangular passage briefly seen in TB and to the circular Herbarium (apparently Kirk wanted to take Dr. Jones to the more exotic plants).
I should also add that Matt Jefferies envisioned the circular Herbarium room to connect to a more rectangular section containing the carnivorous plants.

Also, the corridor outside has the same properties as in the Deck 5 scene with the Section 3 security report (i.e. extra door between briefing room and cabin set, "Astro-Medicine Ward 4" door sign on briefing room set).

The major reason the botanical section cannot possibly be on Deck 8 comes from this shot in "The Man Trap". As discussed earlier, Deck 8 is way to narrow to accomodate such a long corridor.

As a result, Uhura's cabin will be on Deck 5 (vis-a-vis another botanical section of the life sciences department) and the central overhead support beams of both the Herbarium (Deck 5) and the "Solarium" / Season 3 Rec Room (Deck 8) can be conveniently accomodated in the center of the saucer.

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