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Re: Star Trek Movie FAQ

DS9Sega said:
Lord Garth said:
2. Khan had a baby?
  • There is a picture of a small child in the transporter room of the Reliant when Khan detonated the Genesis Device that has circulated around the Internet but is not . Whether or not it's Khan's child is never said, it's not in the script either. Draw your own conclusions. Mine would be that it was a production member's kid and they took the picture for kicks.

I have to take issue with this. The child in question is in the shooting script, and there are production photos (I have to dig them up and scan them) of the child looking out the window in the side of the cargo containers, and in the transporter room. In fact, editing the child out causes Terrell and Chekov to jump from one compartment to the other. They also looped one of Terrell's lines to "What about the tricorder?" from "What about the child?" when Chekov says, "We've got to get out of here, now!"
The child is also in the novelisation.

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