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All trek Caption Contest 2: If at First You Don't Succeed..

...Do a second week! Thanks for posting guys, I didn't think I'd get anything! I know it's a bit early but I might not have time tomorrow soooo I thought I'd post this now.

(First I apologise I'm no good at coming up with witty award titles).

The 'Well done for bothering to photoshop' award (See, I warned you I was terrible)goes to:
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

PICARD: Who loves ya, baby.
The 'New contests must be eliminated' award goes to:
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

KIRA: In this dimension they have caption contests in the General Trek Discussion thread!
BASHIR: Setting the shuttle for self destruct.
The 'Bad quality pictures' award again goes to:
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

DAX: Julian, I think I need an eye exam.
BASHIR (Off screen): No you don't. Odo's making himself look blurry to mess with you.
ODO: *snicker*
The 'Broken relationships' award goes to:
Mario de Monti wrote: View Post

Kirk: Why donīt you dance for me like that anymore?
The 'Literal metaphor' award goes to:
Mario de Monti wrote: View Post

Thatīs not what Beverly imagined, when Worf told her he tends to bury his problems.

So, again guys, thanks so much for posting! This week's photos will be in another post momentarily for convenience's sake.
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