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Re: Your Top Trek Characters

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Wait a minute: does Welshy count?
Sure, if you like him. I wanted him gone the first second I saw him, but I'm sure there are plenty who like him.
My favorites
TOS: Kirk, Spock, McCoy (I'd put the whole cast, really.)
DS9: Quark, Garak, Nog
Voy: Janeway, Seven
Ent: Trip, T'Pol (This series, too, would have the whole cast.)

TOS and Enterprise were both series that I liked all the characters. I wish Enterprise had done more with the cast and the initial exploration of the crew and what they each uniquely brought to the ship. I didn't really want to see Klingons in the first year, much less the first episode. The less said about the temporal cold war the better, but overall I really liked the Enterprise cast about equally with the TOS cast.
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