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Re: Loved Trek Characters You Just Don't Like

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How's he a horrible person? Because he breaks the law and cares about profit? He's also harmless, he doesn't kill people and goes easy on people when he sees suffering. And you're also wrong nobody likes him. Dax likes him and everybody else on the station wavers between liking him and loving to hate him.

Nowhere close to a saint, very acquisitive, but he's a positive force in the universe.
Just because he doesn't kill people doesn't mean he's a nice person. And ok I admit Dax likes him and I guess the others have brief waves of liking him but on the whole he is not exactly a great buddy. Also most of the time he is unintentionally a positive force. Like in the episode Shakaar and Kira start dating (can't remember what it's called) and he's has a go at Odo for making too much noise and says he doesn't care how he feels. That in itself is horrible but it just happened to make Odo deal with it.
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