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Re: July Art Challenge - The Lensman

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prolly the idea of 2 Young Kirks maybe possibly could be having a XXX Throw-down blew some minds and ruined some peoples undies. ?
LOL! It's like you're reading my mind

I was tempted to do something a little "tackier" because I thought the line "Hot Kirk On Kirk Action!" was funnier. In the end I tried to go for something a bit more dignified and left it up to the imagination of the viewer as to how this "episode" actually played out.

Was the episode serious and thoughtful or farce comedy?

Is duplicate Kirk an android? From an alternate universe? Divergent timeline? Hologram? Fever induced delusion? Talosian illusion? Just some guy who looks like Kirk?

IMO, the episode probably would've been a train wreck given the era of television. Star Trek is my favorite incarnation, but it just wasn't as forward thinking as we're sometimes lead to believe. (See Janice Lester and all the "Captain, I'm frightened" female crew members)

At any rate, the voting should be interesting.
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