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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

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The movie was just released on wednesday here in my country. Is there any "official" word on the weapons we saw?

I did notice the odd phaser trayectories and photon torpedos with trails etc. Are there other weapons we did not get to see as the action was so heavy and fast?
Cinefex July 2013 addresses some of this. Relevant quotes below. My apologies if someone else already shared this:

"The Vengeance is about two and a half times the size of the Enterprise...It was approximately 4,500 feet long".

The "ship's highly advanced drive capabilities by penetrating the Enterprise's warp tunnel and engaging Kirk in combat at warp speed". Basically, the Vengeance busts into the Enterprise's warp field.

The Vengeance bridge IS a redress of the Enterprise bridge, not a wholly different set.

"Vengeance weaponry featured massive cannons far outsizing Federation phasers or photon torpedoes...dynamic effects of the Vengeance artillery, plotting curved trajectories of missiles..."

That's about as close to official as you might get.
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