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Re: The Return Of Odo. For how long?

^Oh--and lest we forget: "Soylent Green is made out of people...."


And the entire St. Elsewhere series was quite possibly Tommy's daydream.

Oh, and "It was you, Kristen.... You shot J.R.!!!"

AND...the BIGGEST spoiler of them all--John Harrison's ACTUAL identity IS...
(No, I'm not that cruel....)

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Yet sadly we'll probably get more Bashir/Ezri/Whatshername drama like we did in Zero Sum Game.
Hey, I wouldn't call that unfortunate (I know--surprise, surprise ). Especially considering how

After all, if Sarina WERE "truly" as she claimed...she certainly took her time telling Julian! Wouldn't it have been better for both of them for her to tell him, the Zero Sum Game MISSION?

But regardless--the drama! The suspense! Who will prevail?!?
Oh my dear Rush, THAT'S only a story you could write and have it be worth the read.
Well, I suppose I'll have to wait, unfortunately--and see how the book treats it. After all--and this is just me--I strive to make sure my fanfic "flows" more-or-less with established TrekLit.

(My latest tale--which is probably buried, by now, so you'd have to enter my authorship in the "search" engine--could actually be invalidated by this upcoming book. )

(BTW--edit: my "spoiler" has "working against him". Meant "working against them". My bad....)
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