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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

Narada is in an entirely different weight range than Vengeance.

One torpedo from Narada took Enterprise's shields down to 32% whilst also punching through the hull and causing internal damage. Sulu states that they can't take another hit like that, leading us to believe that the ship will be at least severely damaged/combat ineffective from a second torpedo (interesting to note that Enterprise narrowly missed one torpedo whilst catching the first one). Shields gone and the rest of the energy expended into the hull from the hit.

Not to mention the utter massacre of the fleet that arrived moments before Enterprise. One could say that their shields were down and Narada launched a couple of torpedoes at each as soon as they entered range (which they were within as soon as they exited warp). That's the worst case scenario for the fleet. It'd be likely that some of the ships raised shields and returned fire, as we never saw Narada fire its torpedoes at various targets at once, and the torpedoes were slow enough to alert crews to raise shields.

Vengeance fired several shots at an already crippled (to some extent) Enterprise, knocking it out of warp and making it combat ineffective (I think it fired some more at Enterprise before Carol spoke, but I forget). Then later on, Vengeance let loose on Enterprise for quite some time with phasers and drones (with various weapons). Enterprise was still capable of regaining impulse though, and it was mostly intact. Compare that to the fleet at Vulcan that were blown apart.

Whilst Narada isn't as spectacular as something like Scimitar (or whatever), but that's comparing a maximum warship against a mining vessel from the same period.

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