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Re: VOY Caption Contest 110; Iterative refinements

Neelix: Our Doctor is putting on an opera performance later.

Talli: Then you'll want our special hurling canteloupes.

Janes: Look. Da Vinci's famous "Grateful Dead" logo.

Alien: Is your card the Jack of Clubs?
Chakotay: No, the Viscount of Hedges.
Paris: He doesn't get out much.

EMH: Lollipop Bling by Mariah Carey?
Seven: I will beat you to death with your own arm.

Da Vinci: I must get these calculations exactly right. How much did you say you weigh?

Janeway: 100 pounds.

Da Vinci: Passenger: 100 pounds. Staple gun, 86 pounds.
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