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Re: [Spoiler] designing the Vengeance

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You do understand it's a movie?

You may have a "ballet" during construction, but it's still going to take a good, long time to fabricate parts for a 1,400 meter ship.
GRAVITY is a movie too, and it seems to have considerable respect for the environment it portrays. Same as LARRY o' ARABIA. Hell, even 2010 to a great degree, even if the storytelling is a little rough.

Just one of those advantages with zero-gee fabrication is being able to handle very large jobs without worrying about supporting what you're working on.

For a Trek reference, I'd suggest Duane's THE WOUNDED SKY, which has spacecraft and/or docks that as I recall are pretty much 'spun' in vacuum, and REALLY do the 'technology unchained' GR notion (before he came up with it) in terms of creating something beautiful and functional using advanced tech.
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