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Re: The Computers of Star Trek

Computers in TV and movies still make lots of little clicks, bleeps and bloops that real computers never make. It's as if the audience absolutely must have an aural cue to know that the computer is doing something.

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Robbie was intended to represent super-high tech in his day, and now he's basically steampunk. But still gorgeous.
Steampunk refers to fictional technology that looks futuristic from a 19th-century viewpoint. Robby was more like "atompunk."

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. . . Seeing the ball head spit out--on paper--the words ANDROMEDA STRAIN in the movie of the same name..added gravitas to the scene. The chatter we used to hear in newsrooms, etc.
That's one thing I miss -- the clatter of typewriters and electro-mechanical adding machines that you used to hear in any business office. It sounded like WORK!
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