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Re: Is Primeval New World worth watching?

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I lost track of P:NW after the first episode...
As I and others have said, it gets better a few episodes in.

but I've been watching Sinbad from the start, and I've been really enjoying it. It's the first fantasy show like this that I've come across that goes for this kind of a more middle eastern flavor. Maybe that was what scared people off?
If so, that's a shame. I found it refreshing that for the first time, we got an American Sinbad production that didn't have a white Sinbad. Granted, he was Afro-British rather than Arab, but it was something. And the show had a pretty diverse cast overall, which is plausible given the cosmopolitanism and multiethnic makeup of the historical Abbasid Caliphate. I also loved how it showed Basra as a center of science and learning, a progressive society, rather than the old movie portrayal of a barbaric land of mysticism and Orientalist stereotypes. Though really it's been about the conflict between progressive and traditionalist elements, with Taryn representing the old ways of darkness and superstition. Which makes it kind of a metaphor for the societal conflict in the modern Middle East between progressivism and fundamentalism. Funny, I never thought of that until just now.

I thought it had interesting characters, a unique setting, and some cool stories. I'm very curious where the last few episodes take things
It's startling that episode 7 was a season finale-level story. At least if viewers miss the marathon, they'll still have gotten a fairly complete story arc. But I do wonder what comes next in the final 5 episodes.
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