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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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So you Phillies fans, is Darin Ruf going to amount to anything? I'm in a fantasy baseball league with more teams than normal, so finding good players is tough, especially when you have to replace big bats that go down in your lineup.

On a side note, the Phillies GM is rumored to be asking for three or four top prospects for Lee... in addition to the team trading for him picking up all the money left on his contract. Not sure who would go for that.
Someone who is a contender would. But they would have to be willing to barter away some of their future and eat a lot of the remaining contract. It's not very attractive but there are teams that would consider it.

The thing about Ruf is that he has offensive upside but doesn't really have a position (at least on the Phillies). He is atrocious defensively and the Phillies have been shoehorning him into the lineup any way they can. If he realizes his potential at the plate he could be comparable to a Matt Adams type player on the Cardinals.
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