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Re: Justice League FLashpoint at comicon (+video clip)

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I guess i'm just getting old. There was a time when a DC cartoon was appropriate for children. Those days are long gone now.
No, there are DC-based cartoons from Warner Bros. directed at various age groups. TV shows on Cartoon Network tend to be aimed at younger viewers; Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman are both TV-PG, although TTG is aimed at a considerably younger crowd. But the DVD movies are deliberately aimed at an older demographic than the TV shows. The point is that the PG-13 rating on the DVDs gives the producers freedom from the restrictions they have to work within on commercial TV and be a little more adult.
well, that's good to know that there's some material out there for younger children who are fans of DC comics and characters. Being 34 now, i just remember a time when all DC animation/cartoons were appropriate for kids. I'm thinking back tot he Fleisher superman and superfriends cartoons. I haven't kept up with DC animation since the Batman the animated series. While even that series was more adult than the older superfriends, i don't remember it being so violent. I guess the violence in Flashpoint just really threw me for a loop. I havent seen any of DC animated movies other than this one.
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