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Re: STID and the Eugenics Wars books

Christopher wrote: View Post
And of course his surname is Singh, like most (all?) Sikh men.
Doesn't she speculate he is a Sikh, before she knows his name?

Space Seed wrote:
SCOTT: This one was probably programmed to be triggered first.
KIRK: Could he be the leader? The leader. Lieutenant?
MARLA: (dragging herself back from just gazing at the man) Yes, sir. The leader was often set to revive first. This would allow him to decide whether the conditions warranted revival of the others.
MCCOY: Heart beat now approaching forty per minute. The respiration pattern is firming up.
MARLA: From the northern India area, I'd guess. Probably a Sikh. They were the most fantastic warriors.
Yep, Kahn's still in his hibernation chamber when Marla makes her guess.
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