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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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The Phillies have said they are pretty much going to become sellers now.
Yeah. They had a bit of a run to make it look like they had a chance and then the bottom fell out. I feel bad. Cliff Lee came back to Philly because he liked the team and deserves to win a championship.
I love Cliff Lee. Guy is an absolute gamer. He deserves better.

Have you seen Papelbon's comments? Somebody should really tell the overpaid asshole that throws ten pitches a game that unless he's willing to send back some of the money he makes on his ridiculous contract he should probably close his mouth. I'm sorry John, but only an idiot doesn't see that the Phillies were a very expensive and very old team with a short window. He knew that when signed the dotted line. He is in his second year with the team and has somehow declared himself the official spokesman for the Phillies now. Somebody needs to reel him in.
There was a poll recently about which players Phillies fans want traded. The list was fairly predictable (they want the bad players traded and the good players kept ), but it was interesting that 95% said "trade Papelbon."

I haven't seen his comments. But anything he's complaining about he's brought on himself. Maybe if he were actually playing quality baseball he would have room to complain (or at least the ability to attract a trade offer to a good team), but he isn't so he doesn't.
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