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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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Again, no sales numbers but these rankings show that even the 5 year old release of TOS season 1 (# 20,191) is currently outselling ENT S1. All I'm saying is that it's very possible that some Paramount UK marketer looking at this chart might think it's a good idea to try something different pricewise.
I hope that fans of the show get all four seasons released. Hell, I may even grab season four. But I figured the show would be a hard sell, even among the die-hards.

I shelled out about $350 dollars when the seasons were released on DVD and I've watched them so little I simply couldn't justify putting out another $250+ dollars to buy them again.

EDIT: They should've released Enterprise in the gap between TOS and TNG. It really made no sense to release the two series (TNG, ENT) concurrently.
I pre-ordered the UK version of S2 when it was cheap and sold my DVD set (seasons 1-3) to recoup the cost, so I'm hoping to be able to support the bluray release and buy all of them without costing more than $100-$150 more for the whole series.
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