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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Those were pretty solid pitches that were called strikes, and Cabrera has been in the majors for a decade -- by now, he knows what will and will not provoke an umpire into running him. "Fucking horrible, boss" is flat-out disrespectful to the official, and there's no reason an umpire should tolerate a player jawing off like that.
Are you kidding? Those pitches were awful. The first wasn't a strike. The second was borderline at best. I may not have minded the ejection had Fairchild allowed Cabrera to finish the at-bat. There was no reason to do it while the at-bat was still in progress. And honestly, is "fucking horrible, boss" really that bad? Fairchild- as you pointed out- has a temper and I'm sure has said worse. Why does he suddenly have a problem with a player using a single "F-bomb?"

Timby wrote:
And, really, outside of Fairchild (who's more temperamental than anything else), C.B. Bucknor and Joe West, MLB's officials are really pretty consistently solid.
You're forgetting about Dan Iasogna, Mark Wegner, Eric Cooper, and Hunter Wendelstedt, all of whom have distinguished themselves for the wrong reasons in recent years. I'm sure there are others I'm not remembering at the moment.

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