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Re: Short story set in ST:TOS-era: TIMELINES

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The Commander approached the artifact cautiously, with more care than he had ever used before. He just ... felt ... that something was amiss. He sent the others away, more to eliminate the distraction than for their own safety; if anything serious should happen, the entire planet could be in peril. Tentatively, he activated his tricorder and compared the current readings with those he had on record. The data were consistent ... and yet, not.

He looked up at the three-meter tall object, which appeared to be nothing more than a simple stone arch, like a roughly-carved wheel, and saw nothing remarkable. He walked all the way around it, scanning with his tricorder, and still found nothing to suggest the nature of the vibrations that had awakened him.

He had no other alternative but to ask it. “Guardian,” he addressed it.

“My friend,” a deep, echoing voice responded with a flickering of light.

“Something has happened. I wish to understand it.”

“A great many things have happened,” the voice replied with a tinge of humor.

“A few minutes ago, there was a vibration. It felt like ...”

“A ripple in time,” it finished the thought.

“Yes. Exactly. I would like to know what caused it.”
“I caused it.”

“May I ask why?

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