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Re: Short story set in ST:TOS-era: TIMELINES

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The ground was still shaking when he exited the pre-fab shelter, but it wasn’t the earthquake that woke him, nor was it the shouting from outside. He was awakened by a different vibration, one that he had felt once before. A young man ran across the barren, wind-swept landscape, “Commander, something has happened! You must come! Quickly, sir!”

“Calm yourself,” he cautioned his assistant. “Panic and emotional outbursts are counter-productive. Now then, what has happened?”

“I ... I don’t know, sir,” the young man stammered, “There was a strange vibration. Everything got blurry, like I was seeing double. It caused me to get dizzy, and I almost passed out. It felt like ... I’m not sure what it felt like, sir.”

“It felt like,” the Commander said slowly, as he remembered, “a ripple in time. Come. I must talk with it.”

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