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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Yeah, let's hold umpires accountable, give them crap, and try and make their lives miserable that they do their best to obstruct the next contract negotiations. That worked out great for the NFL recently didn't it?
NFL officials actually do a decent job (not great, though). MLB umpires are the absolute worst officials of any major sport. I don't anticipate much of a drop-off if those fat motherfuckers are mired in labor negotiations for any length of time.

Again, what the hell should Fairchild have done differently? Remember, as I said earlier, an umpire is not obligated to discuss balls and strikes with a player. Those were pretty solid pitches that were called strikes, and Cabrera has been in the majors for a decade -- by now, he knows what will and will not provoke an umpire into running him. "Fucking horrible, boss" is flat-out disrespectful to the official, and there's no reason an umpire should tolerate a player jawing off like that.

And, really, outside of Fairchild (who's more temperamental than anything else), C.B. Bucknor and Joe West, MLB's officials are really pretty consistently solid.
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