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Short story set in ST:TOS-era: TIMELINES

Over the next nineteen posts, I shall upload a short story I wrote back in 2004 while deployed to a lovely little base in south-central Asia. The story is set in the ST:TOS era, but it makes a little more sense if the reader is familiar with ADB's game Star Fleet Battles and the fictional history they have developed as its backdrop. Every once in a while, people will e-mail they and ask "Why don't you publish a story about the Big-E and the famed crew? Why don't you include races from ST:TNG?" While the official answer is the license agreement doesn't allow that, this story provides for a more elegant explanation.

The title, TIMELINES, was a working title that kind of "stuck" when I couldn't think of a better one once I was done writing it. The story is only 7750 words long, and many of the 19 parts are only a paragraph or two. Comments welcome. Enjoy!

EDIT: Okay, all nineteen parts are posted, and I went back and edited for format as the BBS took out all the blank lines between the paragraphs.

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