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Re: The Computers of Star Trek

Agreed. Seeing the ball head spit out--on paper--the words ANDROMEDA STRAIN in the movie of the same name..added gavitas to the scene. The chatter we used to hear in newsrooms, etc. All the President's Men was lovely to not only watch, but hear. It was a loud movie. Haptics are needed...we are adding sound effects to cars after all, to show they are working. MEMs might allow a return to virus proof mechanical computers..who knows?

My way of explaining this is that pre-TOS, we did have the cyberpunk future, but there was a new focus on austerity to keep folks on task.

You can travel on your bullet train where no one talks to each other---download Mars on your touchscreen devices--or you can join us in starfleet.

No glamour here...not so many diversions--except the destination itself. Want your vid-coms? stay home. Our communicators are voice only--to keep your eyes open to your surroundings.

Here you must remember buttons withoust displays, like old SEAL teams used to throw folks in water to half drown them.

In return...we will take you to the stars.
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