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Re: Star Fleet Universe

To expound upon what Nerroth said, Star Fleet Universe is the umbrella under which the board games Star Fleet Battles (SFB) and Federation Commander reside, as well as the role-play game Prime Directive (now ported to the GURPS and D20 game engines). Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB) is always looking for talented people to write fiction stories or create art work that fit into the SFU setting. Right now, they are in need of people that can create deck plans for starships, to be published in Prime Directive - Traveller (co-venture with Mongoose Publishing).

SFU is based on classic Trek (ST:TOS / ST:TAS), but set in a parallel universe. There are no Borg, Ferengi, or Cardassians (and hopefully no Kardashians, either), and Klingons don't have bumpy-heads. However, due to license agreements, the "Big-E" is never used anywhere save for a single line-item in the master ship's registry that lists all the ships by name and hull numbers.

Fair warning: Any fiction story must not conflict with previously published information. If Captain Romeo Rodriguez died in a story set in Year-165, you can't have him saving the day in Year-170. Any combat story (which is what most SFU fiction stories are about) absolutely 100% MUST fit with every line-item in the rulebook. You can't use a tractor beam to stop a photon torpedo, for example, because the rulebook doesn't allow that. Any combat results must be realistic within the game's rules (i.e., photon torpedoes can and often do miss the target), and the tactical decisions must make sense. "Let's ignore our orders and take a short-cut thru this nebula that will block our comms and limit our sensors." Yeah, real smart. ADB is run by a couple ex-military guys, and they will reject such plot-lines. (Too bad they can't review Hollywood scripts before shooting begins.) Likewise with art work, especially deck plans. You can't just add six more phasers to the ship because "they look good".

Disclaimer: Neither Norreth nor I work for or speak for ADB. We're just long-time players who would love to see more players join the hobby.

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