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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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As for your question about how many roles out there are written for 44 year old Asian men, I would first like to ask you... how many roles out there are written for post menopausal, white women?
Unless I'm missing a whole host of Asians on TV, I'd say that there are way more roles for white, older women than there are for Asians of any age.

Jeri works steadily. As does Kate. As does Connie Britton. As does Dana Delany. Should I go on?
Yes, there should theoretically be more roles for older women based on population alone. The females over 65 in 2010 were 7.4% of the US population, while 5.6 % of the US population (male & female, all ages) had an Asian background.

Q&A about Ageism in Hollywood ...

Which concluded with a very interesting stat.

"Between 1969 and 1980 only one percent of network shows featured characters 65 and older. Their omission apparently reflects the sentiment of a market-based, productivity-obsessed culture. Since the elderly are seen as past their prime as productive employees and consumers, they are no longer important enough to dramatic social life to merit major dramatic roles or be used as positive role models in advertisements."
— Lawrence A. Powell and John B. Williamson

More interesting quotes re: ageism in Hollywood found here.

Speaking of "available TV/Film roles" for the four middle aged women you discussed. (I skipped the voice work in video games), IMDB reports...

45 year old Jeri Ryan has 180 TV/Film credits for 17 roles since 2003.

57 year old Dana Delaney has 161 credits for 28 different roles since 2003.

46 year old Connie Britton has 138 credits for 21 different roles since 2003.

58 year old Kate Mulgrew has 68 credits for 11 roles since 2003... although all but 2 credits were for work since 2007.

# of Asian males roles? I came up with these four guys just because I've heard of them.

52 year old BD Wong (L&O:SVU) has 256 credits for 10 roles since 2003.

45 year old Daniel Dae Kim (Voyager & LOST alum!) has 239 credits for 29 roles since 2003.

Also on H5-0... 39 year old Masi Oka (& Heroes) has 162 credits for 35 roles since 2003.

41 year old John Cho (the new Sulu!) has 101 credits for 40 roles since 2003.

Maybe it is an anti-Trek backlash for Garrett Wang, or maybe the parts aren't big enough to warrant his attention, or maybe he (like Mulgrew) did stage work that isn't recorded at, or maybe TPTB really didn't like his long hair, or maybe he got burned out on acting for awhile... but I don't think one can simply say "there aren't enough Asian parts out there" for Garrett to go after.

It was encouraging to see several things completed or in progress for him this year. I just hope we don't see his projects languish before going straight to dvd (it did, right?) like Neil Harris & Kate Mulgrew's 2010 movie "The Best and the Brightest." (I didn't realize it was finally released on DVD. I may have to buy it.)

I like all these actors and hope the best for them in their chosen profession. I know from listening to various podcasts on fav TV shows that the actors are really only happy (like all of us) when they can practice their chosen profession.
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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