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Re: Generations references

The best part of Generations, at least in owning it, is hearing the writers' commentary. They praise Carson and Alonzo and aren't afraid to criticize elements of the script.

But the praise for how the inside of the ship looked different and more theatrical for Generations isn't just Alonzo's cinematography. They made a point to say that, on television, they only had a week to shoot an episode, and the ship was lit generally the same way week to week (unless the script calls for a power outage). They couldn't even attempt to create the warmth that Alonzo created but having sunbeams coming into the windows. They also couldn't use as many extras, despite the fact that Ten-Forward should have looked like that the whole series.

As for the script, the studio gave them a long checklist of elements the script had to have. That checklist included:

- Kirk and two other TOS guys appeared in only the beginning. Kirk would appear later in the film for an adventure with Picard, but it was primarily a TNG movie.
- They wanted an arch-villain similar to Khan.
- Klingons must be used.
- there must be a Data-comedy-runner subplot.
- The Enterprise must be destroyed.

That sounds like the whole script, doesn't it. With all those set requirements, a script from a film student wouldn't look much different than a script from an Oscar-winning screenwriter, and the writers of the film fall in the middle of that range. Plus they really tried to make the film meaningful in terms of its themes of mortality. I commend them. My biggest complaint, script-wise has always been the ludicrous hostage negotiation scene. I'd probably rank the film a grade higher if that scene had made sense
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