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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

That's clearly not the intent of the film.
But it is the content of the film. Ideas don't count, or else Genesis was invented by Ruth Wallace and Spock was a red man from Mars.

When it's being consumed by a red matter black hole?
No, when it is engaged in a desperate battle with a midget spacecraft a few seconds before the red matter detonation. Clearly, the mining rig is incapable of coping with most opponents in a "fair fight", but excels in getting the drop on them and defeating them before there's risk of retribution...

Except it serves no purpose from his POV, only alerting others to the fact that there's a big ship going around wreaking havoc.
He has to create that impression if his ship isn't capable of creating havoc. He can't get rid of all of Starfleet by fighting it with a ship that runs out of ammo after twenty shots (as seen in the final battle). But he can lie to Starfleet about a really big threat somewhere far away, so that he only needs to tackle a few ships crewed by the Fleet's worst and dimmest.

Does it become a fake message just because the relevant scenes were cut?
Not just because of that, but also because Nero should be behaving exactly like that, considering the resources he possesses.

Nero's subterfuge ought to work like a dream in general terms. What confuses the issue is Chekov's brilliant, completely out-of-the-left-field mention of a thunderstorm at the Neutral Zone in connection with his public announcement about the mission to Vulcan. Why should those two be connected? Supposedly because the Neutral Zone is relatively close to Vulcan, and because the thunderstorm happened at roughly the same time as the reported trouble at Vulcan. There's no obvious reason why the thunderstorm would cause seismic trouble at Vulcan - but by mentioning this, Chekov makes it possible for Kirk to realize Starfleet is barking the wrong tree.

Not that it does any real good, of course. But if all the cadet ships dropped out of warp with shields up, the Narada would have been in trouble - it would take three times nine hits to kill them all, and that's more than the mining rig can fire at one go ("Fire EVERYTHING!"). That is, unless the carnage was achieved by dropping some red matter on their path - a move that doesn't work with surprise arrivals such as the delayed Enterprise.

If all the Starfleet forces that left Earth for Laurentius were part of the relief force, Nero would be in more than just "trouble"... Killing about fifty ships, be they Starfleet or Klingon, might still be possible with red matter although definitely not with the missiles, but it would expose Nero's precious drill to unacceptable danger (unless he delayed deploying it, but then he wouldn't have the nice jamming effect).

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