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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

Timo wrote:
the movie elsewhere makes it clear the Narada is not powerful enough to defeat even a single starship with its missile weapons.
That's clearly not the intent of the film. The idea is that many starships were destroyed by its missile weapons. It's just that not everyone gets the idea to ram them like George Kirk and Spock did. You cited the reduction to 32% of shields yourself; the corollary to that was another hit would take them out. It's not too hard to imagine that, in the event things had not played out the way they did.

Timo wrote:
and can offer no resistance to the Enterprise the second time around.
When it's being consumed by a red matter black hole? How is that relevant to the question of its capabilities under normal circumstances?

Timo wrote:
Also, it is superbly consistent that Nero send false messages, as his Vulcan one is evident. Why would this simple miner change his modus operandi? He is obsessed with kidnapping people for information, and using that information as a weapon. A message from a "Klingon prison planet" would be another piece that falls neatly in place.
Except it serves no purpose from his POV, only alerting others to the fact that there's a big ship going around wreaking havoc. So why be coy when it comes to Vulcan? It is thus highly inconsistent. Sending out a message about Rura Penthe - even going so far as to specify an attack by a Romulan vessel! - would seem to run counter to his purposes, if those include deception regarding Vulcan. This is borne out by Kirk piecing things together while in big-hands mode and thus getting Pike to at least come out of warp with shields up. And again, the original idea in the script was that the battle at Rura Penthe was what happened when Nero and his crew escaped. Does it become a fake message just because the relevant scenes were cut? More to the point, does the Narada become a weaker ship?
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