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Re: Is broadcast television dead? Google announces Chromecast

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Look, I'm just taking issue with the idea that this is something new and novel. It's not. The only thing Google's bringing to the table here is a lower price. I laud them for that. I might even buy one (or more.) But they're in no way a market leader in this product space.
Understood. On a related note, I wonder if the network TV stations could launch a more adult oriented brand and programming [e.g. Games of Thrones, Walking Dead et al.] under their brand name to loophole their way around FCC regulations and offer this programming on Roku/Apple TV/Chromecast with commercials?
That's what cable is for. They can't do that on broadcast. The FCC doesn't even let one company have multiple broadcast networks.

They could air more "adult" stuff, using a proper content rating, but even then the FCC might decide to slap them with obscenity fines. It's just not worth it to try.
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