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Re: The Computers of Star Trek

Concerning "antiquated" sound effects for indicating computer operation, one that really "telegraphed" the point was a movie that debuted some 13 years after TOS wrapped production, BladeRunner. Remember the scene when Deckard analyzes the photos (snapped by one of the replicants of their hideout). He feeds the image into a slot of his machine and when displayed upon the screen, he issues verbal commands, such as "zoom", "pan", etc. along with grid coordinates. Each time he does this, we hear a shutter release styled "clack, clack, clack". I just find that amusing since we use scanners (which make a slight "hum" at worst) and image editors like PhotoShop which are completely silent unless we purposely rig "sound events" for "shiggles". Plus by using a "pointer" system like a mouse, the whole process is silent unless we just like talking to ourselves.


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