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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

One of them would have been before he acquired the red matter, but it doesn't matter, because he didn't use the red matter to accomplish them, just the missiles on his ship.
Both were quoted as happening after Nero's encounter with Spock; the writers were kind enough to provide an hour-by-hour timeline...

"At twenty-two hundred hours, telemetry detected at an anomaly in the neutral zone. What appeared to be a lightning storm in space."
That's Spock arriving with the red matter.

"At twenty-three hundred hours last night, there was an attack. Forty-seven Klingon warbirds destroyed by a Romulan, Sir.
That's the putative Klingon battle. And this dialogue takes place while Nero is slaughtering the cadet fleet.

Also, since both battles were off screen, we can't tell what weapons were used.

That's irrelevant, especially in the case of the Federation fleet: we see their wreckage.
And? It doesn't significantly differ from the wreckage created when red matter destroys Nero's own vessel.

(It would also involve lower doses of red matter, meaning fewer and shorter-lasting black holes around... The one(s) from the arrivals of the ships from the 24th century was minuscule and a brief candle, and the one left over when Vulcan fell was invisibly small, too. Just use a couple of drops rather than one, and even fifty ships are no tribble at all.)

Are we to assume that when the prison escape material was cut from the film the Narada was made weaker as a result?
This would be a merciful assumption, as the movie elsewhere makes it clear the Narada is not powerful enough to defeat even a single starship with its missile weapons. The mining rig is nearly destroyed by the Kelvin despite a protracted bombardment, and can offer no resistance to the Enterprise the second time around.

Also, it is superbly consistent that Nero send false messages, as his Vulcan one is evident. Why would this simple miner change his modus operandi? He is obsessed with kidnapping people for information, and using that information as a weapon. A message from a "Klingon prison planet" would be another piece that falls neatly in place.

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