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Re: Loved Trek Characters You Just Don't Like

eskyliz wrote: View Post
Worf. I hated Worf. I'm not sure if he's even a "loved" character but I know I sure don't love him. Well okay, I might not have hated him but he just... annoyed me. I always find Klingon episodes such a bore. I don't know why but they just aren't my thing.

I thought I was done with him forever when I finished TNG. I was so disappointed when I got to him in DS9. Although I must admit he wasn't as bad in DS9 but still. Why did he even come on?

That's a serious question. Was there a reason for him in DS9 or did people just want another character?
I don't know who it was on this board, but someone called him "The Worf Who Ate 2 Star Trek Shows". I thought that was so funny.

Eh...I was a bit annoyed when they brought him on DS9, but got used to him. He's not on my shit list though.
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