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Re: What Was Scotty Doing There?

That beginning scene did three things for the movie. It showed the Centroplex as being an essential part of the refitting operation- you had traffic back and forth between it and the dock (travel pods, workbee trains) and mad it more than just an interesting background structure. It gave Scotty and Kirk their private conversation- introducing the new and improved Scotty with mustache and cursing and established what happened since we saw them last. It provided the grand tour circle around so we could see the new ship from every angle, with all the new features and twice the orchestra than the version we grew up with...
Logically they should not need to have the Enterprise transporters functioning to beam up from Earth, they have beamed from ship to ship without them before in TOS. The film was not so much of a story but a reintroduction of the characters (and the ship) to people on the big screen- every main character had their moment.
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